Come by and pick up your ceramics pieces and paint at home. We provide everything you need to make it easy and fun!


What is included?

1 Kangaroo Ceramic,

3 Underglaze colors of your choice (additional colors are available),

3 Brushes (Must be returned when dropping off finished pieces).

Photos of available colors can be viewed in the Additional Glazes item.


How to do it:

1) Give us a call or stop by our studio.

2) We will deliver your pick up order to you at the front of the studio.

3) Take it home and create your masterpiece!

4) When you are finished give us a call to bring it back to the studio for firing.


When will it be ready for pickup?

Your pieces will be ready for pickup in a week.

We will do our best to notify you as soon as your piece is ready to pick up.

Look out for an email or phone call from us confirming pickup time and date.


**If the studio you selected is out of the item you selected we will give you a call**