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Little Animals
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Never a studio or sitting fee at Painters Palette!


Everybody loves painting pottery. Whether celebrating with children or adults, it's easy, fun and convenient to have a party at Painters Palette!  Here are some basic party packages:


Little Animals & Friends Kids Pottery Party Package


Base price $150.00, plus tax-  (ages 4-17)                                                                   

Base package includes 8 kids, additional kids @ $15, plus tax per kid.

Your guests choose their own items from our wide selection of Little Animal & Friends bisque pottery!


Party Package Includes-

  • 90 Minute Party, includes time for gifts & cake.

  • Party Assistant. Glaze & Supplies, Kiln Fire (pottery will be ready for host to pick up 7 days).

  • Commemorative Party Mug.

  • Customized Glaze Color Palette- Glaze & Supplies, Kiln Fire (pottery will be ready for host to pick up 7 days).

  • You are welcome to bring cake, food & treats to celebrate! 


Add additional $50 event charge to have a Painter's Palette instructor run your OFF SITE event, availability varies).

​Kids Pottery Party minimum headcount for After Hour or Offsite Event= 12 kids


Choose to upgrade to our Deluxe Pottery Package for $50 (includes base package,

plus 30 extra minutes, balloons and commemorative bowl instead of mug.



Create Your Own Package - ALL AGES


In Studio minimum 10 headcount (Kids minimum 8 painters)

(minimum of 15 painters for Off-site/ Afterhours events.

*Add additional $50 event charge to have a Painter's Palette instructor run your event, availability varies).

If you do not meet the minimum headcount, you will be charged a $20 per person fee for every person you are short of the minimum.


Party price determined by the pottery pieces painted (host can set a limit on prices)

Addtional painters at the price of pottery piece painted.

Simply give us a price point max per painter… or drop by the studio and handpick your pottery items.



*Custom orders available- allow for shipping time. Additional fees may apply.


Want to schedule a party?  Here's how:


Decide the date, time & what kind of party you want to have.

  • Email us at with details of what you want to do--kids birthday, adult birthday, team building, etc.

  •  You may also call us at the studios

    • ​South Jordan 801-446-1662

    • American Fork 801-756-7920

  • We'll go over details with you and set it up for you.

  • A $50 non-refundable Deposit is due when you book your event. Once you have paid your deposit, your party time is confirmed.


The remaining balance will be due at your event. If you do not meet the minimum required # of painters, you will be charged for the base/minimum package price listed.


To cancel or reschedule a Private Event, we require a 10 day advanced notice, via email to-


Please note that all event deposits are non refundable.


Ceramics Paint Parties

Kids Ceramics Parties

How much does it cost?

The basic ceramic painting package costs $150 for first 8 painters and $15 each thereafter.


What do you provide?

A space to party including a table, chairs, and access to a sink (for cleanup purposes).


What do you get?

A dedicated party host.

Quick cleanup.

All supplies, ceramics, baking in the kiln.

A commemorative birthday mug with your child’s name on it for all guests to sign.

Anything else:

We encourage you to bring in grandparents and other guests, gifts, any food & drink you wish, decorations, games & anything else to make this a memorable occasion. And here’s the best part—We clean up afterward!

Other Ceramics Parties

How much does it cost:

It all depends on what you choose. See the prices below for each general type of item.

What do you get?

All supplies, ceramics, baking in the kiln. There is no studio fee or additional charge.

How many can attend?

As many as you want to invite! We require a minimum of 8 people.

Tot Animals                                 $16

Other Figurines                   $18-24

Boxes & Banks                    $12-28

Mugs                                      $20-24

Bowls                                     $22-28

Plates                                     $14-38

Vases & Planters               $16-28

Other Home & Kitchen    $10-38

Holiday                                 $16-30

Your piece will generally be ready to pick up in a week.

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