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COVID-19 FAQ about Changes to our Business

"My Groupon is about to expire and I won't be able to make it to a Paint Night before it's expiration date. Help!"

"Can I use my previously purchased Groupon towards a private party?"

"Why does no one answer when I call the studio?"

Please email us at with your Groupon voucher redemption code and then click redeem (if using the Groupon app). This way, you don't lose the value of the Groupon and we will have it on record that you purchased a Groupon. We will then honor that to be used at a future Paint Night you are able to attend. 

We cannot put Groupons toward private parties. They can be used for regularly scheduled Paint Nights only. 

Due to our temporary change in regular hours, there are limited times when employees are available in the studios to answer your call. Please email us at or text 801-644-8464 for inquiries if you are unable to reach an employee at the studio.

"When are you going to fully open up the studio again?"

"When can I pick up my ceramics order?"

"Are you doing off-site events? Can I have a party at my house?"

We made the decision to limit our events and hours based on our decreased numbers and it's impact on revenue. We do not have a date scheduled for resuming our business as usual but we hope you will take advantage of the fun events we are currently offering. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

If you need to pick up your order, please visit us on the first Saturday of the month between 12:00 and 6:00 p.m.  You may also email or text 801-644-8464 to arrange a pick-up time if you are unable to make it then.

We are not able to run offsite parties at this time, unless they are hosted by a business. This is due to the recent mandate by Governor Herbert that no gatherings shall be held in homes. 

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