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    Congrats! You got a 5-star review

    "The kids had so much fun. It's small and quaint. Great prices and good atmosphere."

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    Congrats! You got a 5-star review

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    Congrats! You got a 5-star review

    "Had a lovely date night!"

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    Congrats! You got a 5-star reviewI

    went to Painters Palette with my boyfriend as he got me a gift certificate for my birthday. We had an awesome time there and left with beautiful paintings we both made of palm trees and a sunset. There were only 3 other people there besides us which I liked because it made for a more personalized experience. The girl leading the the class was great, she didn't rush us and she explained things really well. All in all, we finished our paintings in about 2 hours I'd say but it definitely didn't feel like it took that long as the time was flying! I learned a lot of awesome new techniques for the future too which was cool. I will absolutely be back here very soon!

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    Congrats! You got a 5-star review

    Loved going to this cute little shop. The owner is so friendly and personable. Yet, will give you as much time and space as you need to work. I loved that there are no studio fees. Also, I look forward to trying a paint night.

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    I came here on a date. It was fun and a great atmosphere. The woman teaching was great, she went a little bit fast. This was my first time painting anything besides a wall. It turned out fine, I would definitely go again.

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    Congrats! You got a 5-star review

    Fantastic place to be . Great location and easy to see it's going to be on your left and there's even a parking lot. My only concern is to watch out for sleek ice walking to it. The studio itself is very vibrant decorated with other paintings/ pottery done. Encouraging to all art skill levels. The place is about 5-6 long tables kind of tightly squeezed but It's a great way to break the ice, and the instructor is just so friendly and always will make sure you have enough towels, acrylic, and will give you guidance if you struggle. Great place to be 5/5!

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    We went to their date night paint night and I had never painted in my life. Their was no pressure and the design was easy and striking. We learned a little about painting, had fun, and came out with a personal painting that we loved. If you are debating on another boring movie night or this ... pick this!!!

    -Anonymous, July 2015

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    Customer Service, Quality

    We had so much fun -- thank you. Looking forward to coming in again!!!

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    Customer Service

    Very friendly staff, very kid friendly. We will be returning soon.

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    Quality, Customer Service

    We all had a great time.

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    Quality, Other, Customer Service

    Very amazing and friendly! Dave was so helpful and sweet to get a private party organized in such short notice for my family. It will be such a wonderful day and we can't thank you enough.

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    Other, Customer Service, Quality

    Amazing atmosphere and helpful staff.


    Thanks, we had a blast!

    -Suzie, July 2014


    I loved the class the best 3 hours I spend in a while thank you!

    -Monika, July 2014


    It was a lot of fun!

    -Joni, August 2014


    Had so much fun!

    - Tristina, August 2014


    We had SO much fun!! And especially LOVED the darling instructor!

    -Andrea, Oct. 2014


    We had such a good time!

    -Nancy, Oct. 2014



    This was so much fun! Thanks again!

    -Cheree, June 2014


    It was seriously so fun!

    -Heather, June 2014


    So much fun!!! Can't wait to do it again!

    -Michelle, August 2014

    It was über fun!

    -Kathryn, Feb. 2014


    I had a blast!  I hadn't picked up a paint brush in years, Jodie gave easy to follow instructions & my painintg far surpassed my expectations!

    -Jillian, April 2014


    A fun, fun night out! Highly recommend it!

    -Marilyn, May 2014


    We had so much fun! Can't wait to come back again for more fun! Excellent job by The Painter's Palette staff.

    -Cindy, Feb. 2015

    Thank you Alisha & staff for a fun paint night - March 15 at the South Jordan location.

      Teri, Linda M, Linda O & Ruth

    Paint night with the boys and my favorite neighbors... The Painters Palette Utah is so fun!

    Jessica, July 2014


    It was fun learning the different colors and techniques.

    -Renee, March 2014


    THANKS!! It was a lot of fun.

    -Michelle, June 2014


    Family Date Day painting pottery! LOVE their prices!!

    It was so much fun, I love getting that special time with my 'littles'. Can't wait to go again!

    -Kathy, June 2014


    I had so much fun at the painting party I went to!!

    Mine is hanging on my wall so everyone can see I'm a blooming Picasso.

    - Shannah, June 2014


    What a great GNO! Now, I can't wait to take my honey for a DATE NIGHT!!

    -Angela, June 2014


    It was so much fun!!! Thanks again, Painters Palette Utah!

    -Caryn, June 2014


    I had so much fun! Thanks:-)

    -Dominique, July 2014

    What a fun night!

    -Barb, June, 2014


    A huge thanks to Jodie with @Painters Palette Utah we couldn't have done it without you... literally!

    -Lindsay, August 2014


    I had so much fun painting tonight.  It was such a fun time with friends.

    -Shannah, July 2014


    Went to Painters Palette Utah today. So fun and way better prices than Color Me Mine. Check em out!

    -LaDayna, Oct. 2014

    Had so much fun tonight at the Ching Farm paint your pet fundraiser!

    -Suzie, September 2014


    Such a fun night! Thank you!

    -Jamie, May 2014


    So did not think I would do that good, I surprised myself! And......its a lot of fun to do!

    -Liz, May 2014


    What a memorable day! Emmy sure was surprised. Painters Palette Utah was such a fun birthday party for these girls.

    -Teisha, Jan. 2015